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Peacock Earrings

Peacock Earrings

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Hand-made Peacock Feather Earrings made from Each Original Handmade Feathered Accessory Helps Save Wildlife.

Feather Moult

Feather Moult started as I was the Head Aviary Keeper at Bird World in Maleny, which is home to over 400 beautiful birds (natives and exotics). Like our hair falls out, bird moult their feathers and with over 400 birds a lot of colourful feathers get dropped. Whilst working there we would clean and these gorgeous natural feathers would be thrown away; I considered this to be a waste and thought they could be recycled for better use- and this was how Feather Moult started. I personally hand-make every piece.

A lot of the birds in Bird World are species that in the wild are close to extinction or endangered, therefore I feel it’s important to give back to these magnificent animals. Feather Moult is not just a business it’s actually a social enterprise and every purchase helps gives back to animals in the wild as well.